What is Feeling Moe’s Greatness?

Feeling Moe’s Greatness is a training system that forces you to swing like the greatest contact hitter of all time, Moe Norman.


Todd Graves Tutorial

The Standard Golf Swing is Broken

Only a Few People in the World can Hit the Golf Ball Consistently

Do you know any scratch golfers? if you do, they are in the minority. Only about 1% of golfers shoot scratch or better.

Here’s the kicker. We are SUPPOSED to shoot scratch! It is literally par for the course. This begs the question, why is golf so hard?

The answer is pretty simple. There are too many variables in the golf swing. Let me explain.

Most golfers mess up the swing because there are just oo many things they need to get right. Let’s do a practice exercise. Mentally go through your golf swing and think about everything you need to do to hit the ball well.

Did you do it? I’ve got all day.

Was this exercise surprisingly difficult? it is for most people. That’s because the standard golf swing has six steps: feet and shoulders, knees, back swing, down swing, contact, and follow through. That’s just the parts of the golf swing too, the steps to execute each step is much more challenging.

If the golf swing is difficult to say, it’s no wonder it’s so damn hard to execute. If just one of the steps in a golf swing are a shade off, then you are gonna hack the ball into the woods.

But it really doesn’t have to be so complicated. Moe Norman spent his entire life simplifying the golf swing, and he created the most efficient, consistent swing ever. That is why he has been called the best contact hitter the game has ever seen.

He eliminates the rotation of the wrist (number 1 reason for a slice), gets rid of unnecessary rotation of the spine (back problems are very common for golfers), and his swing insures you hit the sweet spot of the club.

When you remove the variables, you are able to swing the exact same, every time. As a result, you make better contact.

In other words, you can hit the ball far and straight; the key to a good golf game.

That’s where Feeling Moe’s Greatness comes in.

By following the guides and the instructions, you will learn to swing the club and make good solid contact in four easy steps

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Practice makes Perfect? Wrong.
Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

If you have the time and money, you can’t beat going to a golf school to learn the swing. We partnered with Todd Graves to make this product and he is the best at teaching the swing. Bar none.

If you don’t, you can learn the swing from the comfort of your own home and practice through the winter. Feeling Moe’s Greatness is a fraction of the cost of going to a golf school, and the next best thing when it comes to learning the golf swing. Also, you will not have the problem of reverting back to your old ways after you leave the golf school.

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