How Feeling Moe’s Greatness will Help you Master the Single-Plane Golf Swing


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing the fail.”
-Benjamin Franklin


1.  It will make sure your feet are set at the perfect width for every shot

2. Your toes will be the correct distance to the ball and in line with your target – position “A.”

3. The ball will be in correct place in your stance

4. The Feeling of Greatness training grip will make sure your hands are on the club correctly

5. Place the club head on position “C.”

6. Align the club face to the line in front of position “C,” to make sure the club face is square to the aim line

7. Make sure the shaft covers the aim line, so you cannot see it.

Now that you have set yourself up for success, you can begin the swing

8.  As you start you backswing, move the club head to position “B.” Your clubface should be square to the line that passes throught “B,” and the shaft should be over the line at “61.”

9.  Now your hands should hinge up, so that the laser in the bottom of the club tracks over line 1 and ends at the dot at position “B.”

10. On your downswing  when the club becomes parallel to the ground it should also be paralles to line 3. You are now on the correct path to making solid contact with the golf ball.

When you practice with Feeling Moe’s Greatness, you begin to develop muscle memory, and soon your swing will follow these guides perfectly without you ever thinking about it. That is when you will start making solid contact and hitting the ball straight every time you swing the club.

For detailed instructions with pictures please view this PDF

Also, Follow this link to see Todd Graves, owner of Graves Golf Academy explaining how to use “Feeling Moes Greatness.”

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