“I was 53 years old with a 35 handicap, I was frustrated and ready to give up the game. Then I started taking lessons with Moe Norman. The lessons help me stay on my swing plane, they were easy and fun. Today I’m 59 with a 19 handicap and enjoying the game more then ever. Moe Norman’s single plane swing really works.”

“I started implementing the Moe Norman swing as a sophomore in high school and experienced improvement in my scores each of the next three years.  The Moe Norman swing is a simplistic approach to the complicated golf swing.  Practicing with the “Feeling Moe’s Greatness,” allowed me to develop a consistent and repeatable swing that has stuck with me over the last 10 years.  I will never forget this one particular moment: It had been close to a year since I picked up a golf club due to college, work, life circumstances, etc.  I was golfing with my dad and on the first tee I hit my drive dead nuts down the center of the fairway.  I would continue to hit the ball well the rest of the round.  It amazed me that, even after a year without practice, the swing that I developed using the Moe Norman training aids was still there.  Now, I am back to practicing with these aids and am eagerly waiting to get back out on the course.  In short, adopting the Moe Norman swing has allowed me to enjoy the game even more and will impact me for the rest of my life.”

“The Moe Norman swing has made my swing more repeatable. If there does become a problem with my swing,it makes it easier to correct. It has also added some distance to my drive.”