Why Moe Norman?
To Drive the Ball further with less Effort

“Golf isn’t supposed to be work. It’s to have fun.”

– Moe Norman

Golf is a lot more fun when you can really crack some shots off the tee and they hit the fairway.  Maybe that’s why Moe enjoyed the game so much.

Have you ever decided to take a bit of muscle out of your drives and notice the ball fly farther? It used to happen to me all the time. I didn’t really know why it happened, all I knew is that it frustrated me.

I wanted more effort to lead to better results, not the other way around. I would get mad and swing harder and harder, and get worse and worse results. Then I would wrap my driver around a tree. All in all a pretty standard day on the golf course.  Reminds me of this joke:

“They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken.”

– Raymond Floyd

Anyway, I found out I wasn’t alone. This phenomena happened to a lot of golfers – especially beginners.

Now, let me tell you something you already know. Your driver has a sweet spot (all clubs, but the driver in particular), and if you hit the ball directly in that sweet spot your drives will travel exponentially further with less effort. This is where all the science that went into making your $400 driver pays off.

So when I was swinging the club slowly, I was actually hitting the sweet spot, and the ball would really pop off the tee. When I would swing harder, the flaws in my swing would shine through and I would mishit the ball.

This explains why  weaker players or players with slow swing speeds can still drive the ball long distances. It also explains why people who try to muscle the ball end up giving up the game.

Golf requires finesse, not force.

“I don’t understand why anyone would go to the gym to get in shape to play golf. “

– Moe Norman

Moe Norman was the king of this. He consistently hit drives 250 – 260 yards with crummy equipment (by today’s standards). To put this in perspective, Ben Hogan was driving 270 about the same time period.

This kind of distance is coming from a player who didn’t believe the game was about distance.

“Don’t hold the club lightly. That’s a mistake, because you’ll get too wristy. Hold it firmly. You won’t hit the ball quite as far, but you’ll hit it straighter, which is what this game is about.”

– Moe Norman

Moe didn’t get this distance from power. His hips and spine barely move at all, and his hand speed is nothing to write home about. It works because his swing is very effective, and he hit the sweet spot every time.

That is how we should all learn to play, but it is just so damn tempting to try and hit it out of the back of the driving range.

Moe spent his entire life perfecting a golf swing that was consistent. Luckily, we get to learn from all of his effort.

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Instead of spending that money on a new driver, you should learn how to use the one you already have. You will start hitting the sweet spot of the club and your shots will fly far and straight.

Not to mention you can practice through the winter. You will be 3 months ahead of all your friends, and that is plenty of time to master the swing.

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