Why Moe Norman?
Straight Down the Fairway


“Every golfer hits a lucky shot from time to time. But Norman, who recently turned 75, has hit so many lucky shots during the last half-century that you begin to search for a different adjective.”

-David Owen

“He started ripping these drives right off the ground at the 250-yard marker, and he never hit one more than 10 yards to either side of it, and he hit at least 50”

-Paul Azinger

Moe Norman has been called the greatest ball striker of all time, he almost never missed a fairway, and he has been known to hit the ball with zero rotation – something I didn’t know was possible.

Moe made hitting the ball straight a science.

Most golfers would kill to hit the ball straight. 80-85% of golfers hit a slice. Don’t feel bad if you do too – you’re in the majority.

Why do so many golfers hit a slice? IF it was just because the golf swing was hard, wouldn’t there be an equal number of golfers hooking the ball? if the problem with the golf swing was that it was difficult to execute, then the problems with the golf swing should be all over the board. But they aren’t. 80-85% of golfers hit a slice. It’s not a fluke. That’s a pattern. A correlation. Call it what you want, but it means one thing:

The standard golf swing is flawed.

Moe Norman figured out the flaw.

I will explain exactly what he fixed in the golf swing in a little bit, but now I would like to go back to the original question, “Why should I swing like Moe Norman?”

You should swing like Moe Norman because he fixed the flaw in the golf swing that causes a slice, and if you swing like Moe you will no longer slice the ball. Your shots will fly straight and you will dead center of the fairway. You will feel confident when you pull out the driver.

There is no risk to try because we will give you five free training exercises that will get you swinging like Moe Norman. These exercises will put you on the path to hitting shots straight down the fairway.

Now we’re going to get into what Moe fixed in the modern golf swing.

To fix a slice you need to know what causes a slice

Everyone thinks they know what causes a slice. I thought I did. I thought it was my grip. If i changed my grip, my slice should change too. Right? RIGHT?

That’s what the lessons told me. The golf schools. The articles. If I change my grip then I will fix my slice. THEN WHY WERE ALL MY SHOTS SLICING INTO THE PARKING LOT?

So reject this thought: Your grip causes a slice.
Accept this thought: Rotation causes a slice.

Let me explain.

Whether you realize it or not, when you hold a golf club the traditional way, your hands are rotated. So as you draw the club back, your hands rotate and as you come back forward, the hands need to rotate back to their original position.

For emphasis: your hands need to rotate back to their original position.

That is the major flaw in the golf swing that causes the slice. Rotate to much? Hook. Too little? Slice. And since your hands need to rotate back to an unnatural position, it is difficult to repeat consistently. IN FACT, most people’s hands do rotate back to a natural position. The problem is, with a traditional golf grip, the natural position your hand returns to opens up the golf face and – you guessed it – CAUSES A SLICE.

To cure the slice you either need to: A. Rotate your hands back to exact original position every time you swing the club. Or B. Eliminate the rotation of the wrists.

Moe chose B. Here is exactly what he did.

1. He held the club so his hands did not have to rotate. Pretty simple, right? He eliminated a variable from the swing (as he does with many parts of the golf swing) and that is his key to consistent, straight shots down the fairway.

2. He keeps the club head square for a longer period of time. Most golfers have a very short window where the club head is square to the ball. The shorter the window, the more likely you are to add rotation to the ball. Moe’s window was over two feet long.

He made sure his club head was square with an exercise called the “penny method.”

Most people will dump thousands of dollars into new products trying to get a quick fix. They never actually try to address the root of the problem – their swing. Probably because that takes work. There is no quick fix to the golf swing, no silver bullet, and new technology isn’t going to lower your handicap.

You can continue to slice the ball like the other 80% of golfers or you can approach the problem differently. Fix your swing. The quickest and most effective method is to swing like Moe Norman.

If you want to guarantee you are swinging exactly like Moe, use our product, Feeling Moe’s Greatness. It is like training wheels for your golf swing. If you follow the instructions, you will begin to swing exactly like Moe and you will develop a muscle memory that will help you when the guides are gone.

Not to mention you can practice through the winter. You will be 3 months ahead of all your friends, and that is plenty of time to master the swing.



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