Why Moe Norman?


11 years. Moe Norman didn’t hit a ball out-of-bounds for a stretch of 11 years. That’s 230,000 golf shots in a row.

Moe hit 356 consecutive drives without touching the tee. All of them flew perfectly straight. When asked about it, he said, “I don’t hit tees, it hit golf balls.”

When he hit the golf ball, it had zero rotation. This is something I didn’t know was possible.

When he practiced with wedges, the balls would literally land on top of each other. Not just once or twice, every shot for hours at a time.

I understand if you don’t believe these statistics because, well, they are unbelievable. Read the original article from USA Today. It goes into much greater detail and there are even better stories.

This is not by chance. You can’t have streaks like these if chance is a factor. I don’t think coordination could be a factor either. Why? Because according to six sigma standards, a human will screw up simple tasks (like setting down a piece of paper) 1 out of every 100 tries. The golf swing is not a simple task.

I would argue he created a swing that eliminated any chance of failure.

His grip is set so that he doesn’t have to rotate his wrists. This is how he could hit the ball without rotation. There was never rotation to begin with.

Most golf swings require the player to adjust all of these variables. Not Moe’s Moe’s swing is simple. It allows you to swing the same every time. and when you swing the same, the ball flies the same.

Tiger Woods once said, “He [Moe] woke up every day and knew he was going to hit it well. Every day.”

What is the key to golf?

The key to golf is knowing what the ball will do before you swing the club. That’s why you can do if you swing like Moe.

Here are five training exercises to get you on your way.

Feeling Moe’s greatness will force you to setup perfectly, and swing the same every time. It’s like training wheels for a bike. You are forced to do the correct thing, and eventually it becomes muscle memory.

The new club you wanted won’t make your golf game better. Hitting more balls at the range won’t change a thing unless you are tryiing to change your swing (this is easier with a  training aid).

The training schools are great because they get to the meat of the problem – your swing. But, like most people, you will leave and revert back to your old ways.

If you want to start playing consistent golf like Moe Norman, Feeling Moe’s Greatness will help you get there.

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