Feeling Moe's Greatness Feeling Moe's Greatness

To create this product we had to partner with the masters, Todd and Tim Graves. They are owners and instructors at Graves Golf  Academy, the best place to go and learn how to swing like Moe.

Without their knowledge and guidance Feeling Moe’s Greatness would never have been created. I worked very closely with them when creating the product, and they fully support and endorse our swing trainer, Feeling Moe’s Greatness.

Click this link to see a video of Todd Graves explaining, in depth, how to use Feeling Moe’s Greatness.

I have personally attended their golf academy and I could not recommend it more. After all, it improved my golf game so much, I decided to make a product that would try to do the same for other struggling golfers

Other Helpful Links for Golf Enthusiasts

  1. Graves Golf Academy – They are a great resource for everything about Moe Norman. They have training materials, stories, and anything you would ever want to know about him.
  2. Moe Norman, The Feeling of Greatness – More stories about Moe Norman, and an awesome video that explains how the single-plane swing is much more effective and consistent.
  3. Graves Golf, The Feeling of Greatness – Lots of training material to teach you how to hit like Moe. AKA the single plane swing
  4. The Path to a Great Golf Game – Join a forum filled with others that have fallen in love with the single-plane swing. They can answer any question you may have.
  5. Moe Norman, The Man, The Myth, MOE – Become an instructor and discover more about the life of the world’s greatest ball-striker and why his swing is renowned as genius.