5 Training Exercises that will help you
hit the ball Straight and make Solid contact every time.

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I spent thousands of dollars and years of my life learning how to make solid contact every time I swing the golf club.

I have condensed that knowledge into these 5 training drills and one product.

I will give you all 5 drills for free.

You will receive 1 email each day. It will contain a simple lesson you will use to make better contact, why the lesson is important, and how it will help your swing. The lessons build on eachother so be sure to use each lesson before you receive the next email.

In 5 days you will be making better contact if you use and apply these training exercises

Enter your first name and the email address you check most frequently and click the button “send me 5 free training exercises”  to start making solid contact every time you swing the club.



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With these exercises you will learn:

  • How to simplify your golf swing for consistent results
  • How to set up to the ball for all types of shots
  • How to hit the ball straight down the fairway
  • How to hit the sweet spot and crack the ball off the tee
  • How to avoid back problems (a problem for golfers at all levels)
  • How to keep hitting the ball well even into old age


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