The Story

Back in 2000 or 2001 I saw a show on The Golf Channel featuring Moe Norman with Craig Shankland and Peter Kessler. This show was on two evenings in a row. I taped part of the first evening and all of the show the next evening. I was so excited about this new swing I had never seen before. I think I watched the tapes every night for a month.
Having had hip problems as a child and my first hip replacement in 1983, I decided that this was the golf swing I wanted learn because it required less rotation of the body. That meant less pressure on my hip.

So soon after, I attended a Natural Golf School which was teaching the Moe Norman swing. I did two of those schools before I discovered Graves Golf Academy in 2004. Today Graves Golf Academy owns Natural Golf.

Graves Golf Academy was excellent at teaching the Moe Norman swing. I continued to attend the golf schools for about four or five years.

My Problem

While I was at the school, under the supervision of a professional, my swing looked great. But between schools my swing would fall back into the same problems I was having before. My swing was laid off at the top causing me to swing off plane and mishit the ball.

I would attend another school and fix the problem, but within a month or two it was the same story. I would fall back into old habits.

My Solution

They say it takes about 3,000 – 5,000 repetitions to retrain your muscle memory. Way too many reps to fix my swing at a golf school with only so much professional attention. This explained why I kept reverting back to my bad habits.
I hadn’t retrained my muscle memory.

The problem was while I was at home practicing by myself there was no one to tell me my swing was laid off. I couldn’t tell on my own. Most people can’t. If we could tell what our swing was actually doing we would all be scratch golfers.

I decided there had to be a way to teach myself how to move the club the way Moe Norman always did each time he swung the golf club.

The result was…. “Feeling Moe’s Greatness.”

I developed “Feeling Moe’s Greatness” training system along with Todd Graves, Tim Graves, and Scott Renfrow.

The system is like training wheels for your golf swing, and it teaches you how Moe Norman moved the club as he hit golf balls. It allows you to see that your swing is on plane and, with practice, you develop muscle memory.

That means you will be hitting the shot you want every time you swing the golf club.

Perfection Golf Products LLC is the manufacturer of: Alignment & Ball Position Trainer, and Short Game Alignment Trainer for Graves Golf Academy.

All products are designed to make sure that when you are practicing, you are practicing perfectly. This leads to better shots, a lower handicap, and more fun on the golf course.

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