Feeling Moe’s Greatness


How to swing like Moe Norman and hit the ball straight every, single time.


This is a training aid that teaches how to swing the club exactly like Moe Norman – the greatest ball striker of all time. With practice, you will learn:
  • How to hit the ball straight every time you swing the club.
  • How to make solid contact and hit the ball further – with less effort.
  • How to avoid the #1 career ender in golf – back pain.


 What is “Feeling Moe’s Greatness”? 

Take the Guess Work out of Perfecting your Swing
Don’t Listen to Us. Listen to our Customers!

“I was 53 years old with a 35 handicap, I was frustrated and ready to give up the game. Then I started taking lessons with Moe Norman. The lessons help me stay on my swing plane…”

“I started implementing the Moe Norman swing as a sophomore in high school and experienced improvement…The Moe Norman swing is a simplistic approach to the complicated golf swing…”

“The Moe Norman swing has made my swing more repeatable. If there does become a problem with my swing,it makes it easier to correct. It has also added some distance to my drive.”

Start fixing your game, just like the people above, for FREE with these 5 training exercises!

How Feeling Moe’s Greatness will change your Golf Game in 4 Easy Steps


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